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What we are about

Courier Review is a great online resource providing information about various courier companies in Australia and across the world. We are here to provide both an overview about the companies and an unbiased look into the different courier companies to see how they perform on price, customer service, timeliness and more.

Courier Review is also here to help you get the cheapest possible deals on courier services by showing you the best ways to go about finding the right courier and service for your particular application. Whether you are a small business, large business, ebay seller or simply send a few parcels here and there we will have some courier advice for you.

Courier Companies

Below are just some of the various courier companies we plan on writing about in the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned to hear all about them.

  • Toll
  • DHL
  • StarTrack
  • Couriers Please
  • Fastway
  • Allied Express
  • Hunter Express
  • TNT
  • + more

Courier Services

Each courier company usually offers a range of different services usually dependent on how quickly you want the package delivered or the size of the package required to be sent. Some of the different types of services include same day, next day, express, satchel, pallet, overnight and many more to suit any needs.

Domestic and International

Some courier companies offer overseas services and some don’t. If you are planning on sending your packages overseas then this is something you must consider when opening an account with a courier company. Some people tend to have all their deliveries processed through the one company whereas others may use a few different companies to process international and domestic package deliveries.

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